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Experienced and Dedicated Attorneys Serving Clients in the Tampa Bay Area

Determined Florida advocates help clients with family law and personal injury cases

Our Tampa law office, at the Law Offices of Patricia Palma, P.A., combines strong passionate advocacy with the dedicated and professional case management you deserve as you go through your difficult personal injury or family law matter. With more that three decades of combined experience, our lawyers work tirelessly to provide the highest level of legal services. We are compassionate about our clients’ injuries and family law matters. This compassion results in strong and passionate legal representation at every stage of your case including, but not limited to the courtroom and  depositions, as well as the settlement process. We will provide you with sound advice and the legal advocacy you need for high quality results.

Professional firm committed to justice for families

For family law and personal injury cases, you often need the advice and legal guidance of an attorney in order to get the results and/or compensation you deserve. Our firm is ready to assist you in cases related to:

  • Family law — We understand that all family law cases are different and that each case requires a unique approach and strategy. We handle uncontested cases involving minimal assets. We also handle the most complex cases involving substantial assets. In both scenarios, our firm assertively and professionally represents our clients to insure that their best interests and their children’s best interests are protected.
  • Personal injury — We provide strong, honorable, and passionate legal representation to our clients who have suffered serious injuries due to the negligence of another, specifically car, truck, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents as well as slip/trip and fall cases. Whatever your specific injury, we provide  you with high quality legal representation.

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Patricia Palma, P.A. represents Florida clients in a full range of family law and personal injury matters. Please call 813-428-8548 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Tampa office, we stand ready to help you.