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Florida Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm Fights Against Mistreatment

Tampa attorneys protecting seniors’ rights to safe, effective healthcare

Most nursing homes offer effective round-the-clock medical assistance in a compassionate, wholesome environment. When that care turns to abuse, however, the consequences can be devastating. Compounding the problem, some patients have no family to witness the abuse or they suffer from ailments that prevent them from speaking out. Patricia Palma, P.A. helps victims of nursing home abuse obtain safe, effective healthcare and receive compensation for injuries suffered at the hands of negligent or malevolent nursing home staff.


Importance of reporting nursing home violations

If you or a loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse, it is vital that you report it. One incident of abuse usually represents a pattern of abusive behavior. If one patient is being victimized, most likely others are too. By exposing abuse you can help other vulnerable patients while protecting yourself and your loved ones.

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